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Omnichannel Voice - Agent Features

In this post, we will highlight some of the features that are visible from a Dynamics 365 Customer Service - Omnichannel Agent.

When I call is made, it will be routed as an "Open work items" column. The agent must assign it to him/herself. This will open the window shown in the 2nd image.

Below is a screenshot of the Omnichannel for Customer Service when an unrecognized mobile number (not associated with a contact) calls the phone number defined in our workstream.

  1. Sentiment analysis - AI defines the current sentiment of the conversation.

  2. Transcript - automatically transcribe the conversation.

  3. Seach customer - the ability to associate the call to an existing customer or

  4. New Account/New Contact - associate the mobile number of the current call to a new record.

  5. Phone call details

  6. Search issue - associate the current call to an existing case or

  7. New case - the agent can create a new one.

**IMPORTANT ​NOTE** Transcription is NOT automatically saved and linked to the case. The agent must either associate the current call to a case (new or existing) and the agent must click this icon below.

When linked, this will give the ability for the agent to look at the following post-call.

  1. Recording playback

  2. Download audio

  3. Download transcript and (text) search.

  4. Overview (details).

Communication Panel

It is worth highlighting the features of the communication panel.

  1. Mute

  2. Pause/Hold

  3. Consultation - the ability to connect/chat with a team/users while in a call with the customer.

  4. Ways to transfer the call - the ability to transfer the call to a queue/teams/users.

  5. Start/pause the recording

  6. Mark the number as spam

  7. Create notes

  8. Link to an existing conversation

Read further about Call Controls at this link.

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